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Melbourne Motorcycle Show 1924

News (Adelaide, SA : 1923 - 1954), Monday 21 July 1924, page 8


At Melbourne Show

Motorcycle exhibits at the All-British Motor Exhibition comprise 17 different makes of machines --Triumph, Rudge Whitworth, Royal Enfield, Raleigh, Norton, New Imperial, New Hudson, Matchless, J.A.P., Levis, A.J.S., Beardmore- Precision, B.S.A., Douglas, Invincible J.A.P., Coventry-Eagle, British Excelsior, Velocette. In an attractive setting the firm of Turner Brothers has benched 16 exhibits of Douglas and Invincible J.A.P. models. Three of the machines are special jobs from the Douglas factory. Four types of of the 2¾-h.p. model are shown. The actual racing machines that figured prominently on the Aspendale speedway provide the centre of interest on the stand.

A striking effect has been produced with Invincible J.A.P.'s by completely nickelling them. After nickelling, two of the machines have been finished in transparent crimson and blue respectively.

Finlay Brothers contribute a wide range of B.S.A. models, the products of the famous Birmingham firm. A working exhibit of a Floater sidecar chassis shows the numerous movements of the springing under road conditions. The idea is to demonstrate that the body springing is not interfered with by the chassis springing. Five exhibits of Beardmore Precision motor cycles are presented by McCrae & Pascoe Motors. Three different models are shown.

Disney Brothers contribute seven exhibits of Raleigh and Matchless machines. A feature of the special sports Matchless is that an over head camshaft is used. This model embodies good design with strong construction. and the machine is mechanically lubricated throughout.

The Raleigh display comprises the 2½ h.p., this super-sports and the 7-h.p. twin. Three and a half and four horsepower Norton motor cycle models and the 249 c.c. Velocette are benched by McCrae & Pascoe. All are single cylinder machines. The Velocette is a mechanically oiled two-stroke, and substantial advances have been made in power output and balancing. The Norton is a high-speed amount. Five models of Triumph machines are exhibited by Milledge Brothers. Solo and sidecar outfits are displayed, a feature of the exhibit being a striking aluminium sidecar body. -

Various models of New Imperial motor cycles are contributed by "Sports" Motor Cycle Depot. The remarkable little 1½-h.p. (147 c.c.) Excelsior is also shown. New Imperial machines had the distinction of winning the "junior" and the "lightweight" events in this year's Tourist Trophy races in the Isle of Man.

Sidecar Outfits

The A.J.S. motor cycle is exhibited in various forms by Stillwell & Parry. A sidecarrier is shown fitted out for the delivery of "The Sporting Globe." Two sidecar outfits are displayed. Five models of Levis machines form the exhibit of Levis Motors, Elizabeth street, while three types of the Coventry Eagle are shown by C. W. Stewart.

The Acme Cycle Company features the New Hudson motor-cycle. Six machines are exhibited. A display board of box spanners made by Accles and Pollock, Birmingham cannot fail to capture the eye of the owner-driver of a ear. At the same stand there are two Ailsa Craig marine engines of 6.8 and 10.14 h.p. respectively. The firm of Rogers Brothers has a comprehensive display of Royal Enfield machines. The 2½-h.p. standard model is fitted with Sturmey Archer gears and side-by-side valves. An overhead valve machine of the same horsepower is also shown. Not the least interesting exhibit is the two-stroke, two-speed, all chain-drive model, which is fitted with 24 x 2 tyres.

A.J.S. Motor Cycles

A.J.S. machines are suited for Australian work. The range of models covers every requirement. Where the conditions call for ample reserve of power the 7-h.p. twin-cylinder machine can be relied upon. It is fitted with the A.J.S. three-speed countershaft gear, hand-controlled clutch, all-chain trans mission, quick-detachable wheels, and adequate mudguarding, with ample clearance between the tyre and guard. The tank holds two and a half gallons of petrol and one quart of oil. The brakes on both wheels are of the internal-expanding type, of large diameter, and will hold the machine on any declivity. Wheels are interchangeable and it is not necessary to shift chains, sprockets, or brakes to replace a wheel.

Source: Trove NLA
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