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DDR Motorrad-Klassiker

DDR Motorrad-Klassiker
DDR Klassiker MZ Simson IFA EMW

A new hardback book published in 2007 by Motorbuch Verlag of Germany. The 200 page book with German text looks at 15 different classic post-war East German motorbikes, examining examples in existence today. Thus all the 195 photos are of contemporary vehicles and are in colour.

The motorbikes included are MZ ETZ 250 F, MZ TS 250/1, MZ ETS 250, MZ ES 250/2, MZ ES 150, MZ ES 175/1, MZ ES 250, MZ RT 125/3, IWL-Berlin, Simson 425-S, IFA BK 350, IFA RT 125, AWO 425, EMW R 35/3, SAG-BMW R 35.

Book available from Bohemia Hobbies