European Motorcycles

DKW Motorcycles 1920 to 1979

DKW Motorrader 1920 - 1979

This 128 page softback with German text is a guide to DKW Motorcycles & mopeds from 1920-1979. The first 17 pages relate to general text and pictures. The rest of the book is presented in year order, showing one model per page, with a photo & technical details. Included are E206, Z500, Luxus, Block, Sport, SB200/350/500, RT 175/300/250/350, Hobby, Hummel. It is an excellent pictorial history of these bikes, including 93 b/w photos plus 38 in colour.

DKW 1920 to 1979 - Motorbuch Verlag
Book available from Bohemia Hobbies