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Moto Guzzi California EV 80 2002

Moto Guzzi California EV 80 2002

California EV 80

There are motorcycles that are part of the history of tradition, that travel carrying the collective imagination of entire generations. This is true of the Moto Guzzi California, the emblem of travel and freedom, the evergreen dream of the "coast to coast", rendered ultra personal by the grand motorcycling tradition of Mandello del Lario.
The most complete and evolved member of the California collection is the grand EV, the 360° cruiser. Powerful and ultra comfortable, it is the true star of the category. It's the motorcycle best suited to celebrate Moto Guzzi's 80th birthday with a special edition.
It would be too little to call the California EV 80 just special. It is immediately obvious that this model will become an object of desire among all motorcycle lovers. It is virtually already a collector's item, with absolutely exclusive features.

Not just Leather

The California EV 80 is special for more than just its sophisticated trimmings. It is different from the standard model in many of its details, both from an aesthetic and a technical perspective. It is a bike with a unique personality, created to renew and consolidate the legend of the Californian.
From the aesthetic perspective, the tank has a chrome-plated insert in place of the black colour on the standard model. The California EV 80 is also equipped with beautiful chrome-plating on the heads and is distinguished by a decal on its tank celebrating the 80th birthday.
The technical modifications are related to comfort and safety. As for protection, the windshield is new, and special foot guards make their debut, protecting against wind and water. The side kickstand is practical and ergonomic and the new headlight is powerful and larger.
It comes in one colour, Red Vintage, which is coordinated with all of the leather components.

Finely Crafted Accessories by Master Leather Crafters

The queen of the two-wheeled Grand Tour deserved a seat matched to its performances, unmistakable appearance and strong personality.
The best leather crafters at Poltrona Frau designed and modelled the seat cover, backrest, lever caps, grip handlebars and the key. They also created items including the saddle bags, which can also be used separately as an elegant carrying case.
The off-white stitching crosses and frames the seat, which is covered in the same Bordeaux leather as the backrest, the levers and the grip handlebars. The backrest holds the waterproof covering for the seats and the backrest.

Hand Crafted Quality

Old-fashioned hand-crafted care lives on in the art of the curved needle used for the leather coverings of the levers. The same procedure is used for the key, which is marked with a fire-branded Moto Guzzi logo. The saddle bags are covered in Bordeaux leather with off-white stitching and visible seams finished in black.
When taken off of the bike, with a shape-holding plastic framework, the saddle bags become elegant suitcases and the leather that decorate the upper part, take on the role of a practical shoulder strap to carry them.
The saddle bags also use a combination lock and are marked on the side with the Moto Guzzi logo and with the Poltrona Frau logo above the lock.
The inside lining is of elegant black jacquard fabric. Equipped with special waterproof rain coverings, the bags have a small, practical side pocket with a zipper.

Materials made to Last

The California EV 80 is a motorcycle in which the best of tradition and innovation coexist. The technology for the engine and cycle structure is advanced, and the details and finishings are created with hand-crafted care and dedication. The same attention reserved for the mechanical part is given to the leather parts, beginning with the choice of materials that are always natural and carefully selected. The top-quality leather undergoes a highly sophisticated processing to ensure that its qualities endure over time. The technical knowledge and manual ability of entire generations of leatherworking masters are transformed into elaborate technical processes that give the material special qualities. The colouring which covers all of the surfaces keeps its beauty intact even when there are small scratches. It is also quick and easy to clean, for components with enduring aesthetic qualities.

Before taking off, it has already travelled thousands of miles

No motorcycle is born perfect. Only the road and millions of miles covered in many different circumstances can define its personality. The California EV was born and evolved over the years, constantly improving. Asphalt offers a harsh and ultimate test and passing that test is proof of quality. Every element that becomes part of a Moto Guzzi is put to severe tests before entering into production. The same principle is followed by Poltrona Frau for the leather used for the seats. The well-equipped testing laboratory specializes in the analysis of materials used for production. There were countless tests, including exertion testing and flex testing, which in the case of the seats for the California EV 80 reached 50,000 cycles. The surface wear tests are carried out with the specific goal of evaluating the effect of sudden weather changes on the seat and accessory coating; the leather must withstand temperatures between - 40° and +100°.

Two Prestigious "labels" for a line of exclusive accessories

The seats of the California EV 80 symbolize the meeting of two names of Italian tradition, the beginning of a historical partnership that is also being celebrated with a prestigious collection of accessories for everyday life. These are sophisticated items, elegant and subtle symbols of a world of great attention to detail, superior quality material and finishings, creativity and typically Italian design. The line includes key rings, document binders, credit card holders, wallets, briefcases and agendas. Marked outside with the Moto Guzzi logo, on the inside they are marked with the Poltrona Frau logo, both of which are fire-branded.

Moto Guzzi. A Story that has just begun

The California EV 80 is not only a sophisticated model with special features. It is also the celebration of an important anniversary, 80 years of life for a glorious brand. A special occasion to be celebrated with extraordinary spirit. The California EV 80 contains and summarizes all of the values of the past, from technological innovation to the hand-crafted attention to detail. Yet, its gaze is fixed firmly on the future, anticipating new solutions, like the partnership with Poltrona Frau, the first step in a series of initiatives designed to profoundly renew Moto Guzzi, from every point of view. And fully celebrate its first 80 years. .


Engine: 90° V-twin, 4 stroke
Cooling system: air cooled
Displacement: 1.064 cc
Bore and stroke: 92 x 80 mm
Compression ratio 9,5 : 1
Maximum power 54 kW @ 6.400 rpm
Maximum torque: 94 Nm @ 5.000 rpm
Valves and operations: 2 overhead valves with light alloy push-rods
Fuel system: two Ø 40 mm throttle bodies with Weber IW 031 injectors
Ignition: Magneti Marelli IAW electronic digital ignition with inductive spark
Starting system: electric
Lubrication: forced lube with geared pump and pressure regulator
Gearbox: 5 speed - constant mesh gears with built-in cush drive
Primary transmission: helical gears
Secondary transmission: shaft drive
Clutch: Double disk, dry
Fuel capacity: 19 litres
Frame: detachable tubular duplex cradle in special high-strength steel
Caster angle: 29,5°
Wheelbase: 1.560 mm
Length: 2.380 mm
Width: 815 mm
Height: 1.150 mm
Seat height: 780 mm
Dry weight: 268 kg
Front suspension: telescopic fork, Ø 45 mm
Adjustment: 140 mm
Rear suspension: swing arm with 2 hydraulic shock absorbers
Adjustment: 96 mm
Braking system: Integral braking system with proportioning and delay valve
Front brake: Dual Brembo Oro series stainless steel Ø 320 mm floating disc with 4 piston caliper
Rear brake: Single stainless steel Ø 282 mm fixed disc with 2 piston caliper
Wheels: front: 2,50 x 18"
rear: 4,00 x 17"
Tyres: front: 110/90 VB18
rear: 150/80 VB17

Source: AMI

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