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California Stone 2002

Moto Guzzi California Stone 2002

The USA, the Fifties. The new generation's yearning for independence extends to a passion for biking. To be in the saddle of their own personal bike, different from all the rest, spartan and essential, they stripped everything they felt to be superfluous from a standard bike. The result was the essential super-fat "bobbers", the ancestor of all today's cruisers.

The California "Stone" is directly inspired by all these bobbers - young, free and unconventional. Two wheels made to streak without a care through ever changing landscapes. It has a simple and essential "back to basics" character, minimalist with no frills.

A temperament emphasised by the new name "Stone", rough, solid and strong. The essence of the bike is revived in this model in four variations - Slate Black, Porphyry Grey, Flint Orange and Limestone White. Slate, porphyry, flint and limestone - four different ways of expressing the spirit of Stone, with colour connotations expressing the long history of a pedigree cruiser and reinterpreting it in more modern colours.

The beauty of simplicity.

The mechanics speak eloquently. Stone is a California in every way - reduced to the essential but without losing even a drop of the California charisma. The engine is still the legendary 90° V twin in its most recent incarnation. An engine with amazing torque values, setting the record for its class (94 Nm at 5,000 rpm). The frame is the classic detachable tubular steel duplex cradle for a rock-like grip on the road. Two disks, one 320 mm at the front, one 282 mm at the rear.

Numerous innovations for 2001.
 The handlebars now have a 30 mm diameter with new handgrips and switchgear to improve riding comfort.

For the same reason, the gearbox has also been revised, with a reduction in travel and engagement loads. Neutral is easier to locate and the level rubbers are new and more efficient. Traveling is more comfortable, with modified calibration of the rear shock absorber (also equipped with new springs) and a new better padded and more comfortable saddle.

The frame and rear swingarm have been modified to allow a wider cross-section tyre to be fitted. The side stand has been redesigned to make it more ergonomic and easier to position, with a new elegant joint cover.

The moulding of the rear shock absorber attachment represents a concession to appearance. Because the Californian is spartan - but not too much.

Technical and Aesthetic Modifications in Brief
New 30 mm diameter handlebar
Switchgear in brushed aluminium
New handgrips (throttle control with closure cable)
Gearbox (reduced travel and engagement loads, easier to locate neutral)
New clutch lever rubbers
Side stand (more ergonomic, new start-up safety device, new joint cover)
New rear shock absorber calibration
New saddle (more comfortable, better padded)
Modified fork and swingarm to increase space for rear wheel
New rear shock absorber springs
Moulding on rear shock absorber attachment
Model specifications
Engine 4-stroke / V-twin 90°
Displacement 1064cc
Bore and stroke 92x80 mm
Maximum output 74 cv -- 54 kW at 6400 rpm (EU standard)
Maximum torque 94 Nm at 5000 rpm (EU standard)
Fuel supply Multipoint sequential ignition; two 40mm diameter throttle bodies with Weber IW 031 injectors
Cooling system air-cooled
Ignition Magneti Marelli IAW electronic digital ignition with inductive spark
Clutch twin disc
Compression ratio 9.5 : 1
Valves and operation 2 overhead valves per cylinder, with light alloy push-rods and rockers
Starting electric
Lubrication geared pump and pressure regulator
Transmission primary: helical gears; secondary: shaft
Gearbox 5 speed, constant mesh gears with built in cush drive
Frame detachable tubular steel duplex cradle
Suspension Front: Marzocchi 45 mm telescopic forks. Rear: two hydraulic suspension units
Electrical system 12 V; 14 V 25A alternator; 30 Ah battery
Brakes Front: single Brembo ORO series stainless steel floating disc 320mm
Caliper: Brembo ORO series with 4 pistons
Rear: single stainless steel 282mm fixed disc, and parallel 2-piston caliper
Wheels front 2.50x18" - rear: 3.50x17"
Tyres front: 110/90 VB18 - rear: 140/80 VB17
Fuel tank capacity 19 litres
Fuel consumption 5.0 litres/100 km (CUNA standards)
Dry weight 246 kg
Maximum speed 200 kph (EU standards)

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